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2K Will Reveal Sequel to One of Its 'Biggest and Most Beloved Franchises' at Summer Game Fest

2K Will Reveal Sequel to One of Its 'Biggest and Most Beloved Franchises' at Summer Game Fest
Image via 2K

On Friday, June 7, publisher 2K will introduce the latest entry in one of its "biggest and most beloved franchises" during the Summer Game Fest. While 2K has not revealed any specific franchises that will be featured, fans and industry insiders are speculating.

2K previously stated that new entries in the BioShock and Mafia series are under development. Hangar 13 stated last year that a new Mafia game was in development, but it was still "a few years away" from release. More lately, rumors have circulated that 2K may make a huge announcement regarding Mafia.

This teaser has sparked essential interest, with many fans expecting for the long-awaited release of BioShock 4, which has been rumored for nearly five years. Others assume the announcement could be about Mafia 4 or Borderlands 4.

In December 2019, 2K officially confirmed the start of work on a new BioShock game, claiming that it would be developed "for the next several years." The design director for this new part is Jonathan Pelling, who worked on the original BioShock and served as the creative director for BioShock Infinite's Columbia universe.

Borderlands 4 is one of the most likely competitors for the next unveiling, having been revealed earlier this year as being in production. The period coincides with the release of the Borderlands film on August 9. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has heavily hyped Borderlands 4, raising anticipation. The game's creative director is Hoagy de la Plante, who worked on the first BioShock in a variety of capacities, including level design, environment art, and programming.

However, the new Mafia game appears to be the least likely rivals. Hangar 13 is actively working on it, but it is still in its early stages. However, a little teaser of what's to come remains a possibility.

Regardless of which franchise is highlighted, there is no doubt that a significant portion of 2K fandom will be overjoyed with the news. Stay tuned for more on this amazing revealing and what to expect from 2K most recent work.



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