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All About Moon Knight, And Episode 1 Review

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Moon Knight is culturally very strong.

This is new superhero series landed from Marvel Universe on Disney+ Hotstar on March 30,2022. The series, which is written by Jeremy Slater, stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy and is directed by Mohamed Diab. Moon Knight was originally introduced in a 1975 issue of “Werewolf by Night,” comic by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, as a costumed mercenary hired to capture the Werewolf. It was not until years later that Egyptian mythology and mental illness became a part of Moon Knight's backstory.

Oscar Isaac plays a superhero with a dissociative identity disorder. This means that Moon Knight has different personalities that aren't always aware of one another. We see him in two roles - one as the Steven Grant who seems like a regular working at the museum gift shop, and then as Marc Spector, his other personality that’s triggered whenever there is some impending doom around him.

Moon Knight's all White Mummy like suit he wears. It's made of Carbonium, which is a mix of Carbon fiber and the virtually indestructible Adamantium, but more flexible. Adamantium as we know is the same indestructible metal The Wolverine has inside of him.

The first episode is a precursor to what to expect. Here is a man who ties himself up to a pole while he sleeps, so he doesn’t sleep walk while he “dreams”. He talks to a fish, a man who acts as a statue to earn livelihood and even to thin air. So when the voices inside him, that of Khonshu talk to him, it becomes a big mess. With the first episode, the makers not only acknowledge this man and his superhero condition, but also explore the loneliness and deep end of darkness it has moved him into. Marc Spector, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley...he's actually dead and has been resurrected by The Moon God Of Egypt Khonshu who is using him as a vessel to bring forth Moon Knight. Episode one is the confusion and the deadly realization of power, devil and his moto.


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