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EA Sports FC 24 Surpasses 14.5 Million Active Accounts in Four Weeks

EA Sports FC 24 Surpasses 14.5 Million Active Accounts in Four Weeks
Image via Electronic Arts

The remarkable numbers underlying the release of Electronic Arts (EA) recently renamed football game, in its first month of availability have just been revealed. In just four weeks, this ground-breaking game has generated an amazing 14.5 million active accounts on consoles and high-end PCs, according to the gaming giant's most recent earnings report. Compared to its predecessor, FIFA 23, which drew 10.3 million players in its first week of release, this incredible achievement includes an important addition of new players to the series.

This historic achievement began last May when EA Sports revealed plans to launch a new football brand, EA Sports FC, and ended its nearly three-decade-long association with FIFA. The climax of this endeavour took place in September with the much awaited release of EA Sports FC 24, which attracted over 11.3 million players worldwide in its first week of play, including those who played the game via EA Play.

Electronic Arts disclosed in their second-quarter financial report that more than 14.5 million accounts have been created in the first four weeks after EA Sports FC 24's worldwide release.

During the company's earnings call, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recognised his joy about this achievement by stating,

"The successful launch of EA SPORTS FC represents a profound achievement. We have reimagined and expanded one of the largest franchises in the world, setting new standards of authenticity, innovation, and social interaction. Fan reception of FC has been extraordinary, expanding our already thriving global football community."

Those who sign in to EA Sports FC 24 by today will have the chance to collect a free Erling Haaland item in Ultimate Team this December as a thank you to our loyal players.

Though there's no denying the game's success, certain critics have voiced concerns. Reviewing EA Sports FC 24, it is clear that EA has made major advancements in the gaming industry with this game. However, it is unclear how the brand will develop going forward and how it will continue to enthral the world's football gaming community.


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