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Gran Turismo 7 Pre-Orders Live Now, India Price Revealed, And 25th Anniversary Edition detailed

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

PlayStation finally has announced the pre-order for Gran Turismo 7 in India on the PlayStation Store. In addition, they have announced a 25th Anniversary edition of the game, which will be available in both physical and digital copy. The Gran Turismo first announced at 'Future of Gaming' PS5 reveal event last year.

Gran Turismo 7 India Price

Gran Turismo 7 will come in two editions Standard Edition, and Digital Deluxe Edition.

  1. Rs. 3,999 - Gran Turismo 7 PS4 Standard Edition.

  2. Rs. 4,999 - Gran Turismo 7 (PS4 and PS5) Standard Edition.

  3. Rs. 6,899 - Gran Turismo 7 (PS4 and PS5) Digital Deluxe Edition.

Gran Turismo Pre-Order bonus and 25th Anniversary Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game includes:

  1. 1,600,000 CR in-game credits

  2. 30 Manufacturer/Partner Avatars

  3. Toyota Castrol TOM’S Supra

  4. Toyota GR Yaris with country-specific Livery

  5. Mazda RX-VISION GT3 Concept (Stealth)

  6. Porsche 917K Living Legend

  7. GT7 Official Soundtrack

  8. Dual PS4 + PS5 Entitlement

Gran Turismo 7 limited-edition SteelBook case (with physical versions only) includes:

  1. In-Game Credits – 1,100,000 CR

  2. Includes PS5 Game Disc and Voucher for PS4 Game

  3. Toyota GR Yaris with country specific Livery

  4. The Music of Gran Turismo Official Soundtrack

  5. Toyota Castrol TOM’S Supra

  6. Porsche 917K Living Legend

  7. Mazda RX-VISION GT3 Concept (Stealth)

PlayStation will offer for upgrade PS4 version to PS5 Version for $10 at the time of release. Although the upgrade price for India has not been revealed.

Gran Turismo 7 will release on March 4, 2022, will be exclusively available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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