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How to Learn Elvish in Dragon's Dogma 2

How to Learn Elvish in Dragon's Dogma 2
image via Capcom

In Dragon's Dogma 2, Sacred Arbor is home to elves who only speak Elvish. This presents obstacles for players in quests, interactions, and purchasing. Our guide aims to help you master Elvish, making your time in this fantasy world more immersive and pleasant. With simple actions and explanations, you'll be able to bridge the communication gap and completely interact with the connecting residents of Sacred Arbor.

How to Learn Elvish in Dragon's Dogma 2

Understanding Elvish

Upon arrival at Sacred Arbor, players face the initial challenge of deciphering Elvish discussion and comprehending the offerings in elven shops. This challenge highlights the significance of knowing Elvish, since it offers up an array of opportunities for improved gameplay and better storytelling.

Methods to Learn Elvish

How to Learn Elvish in Dragon's Dogma 2
image via Capcom

Method 1: Woodland Wordsmith's Tome

The main approach for learning Elvish is to get the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome, which teaches Elvish to your Main Pawn. By specializing your Main Pawn in Woodland Wordsmith, they become proficient in translating Elvish words, numbers, and spoken language found during meets with elves.

To obtain the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome:

  1. Visit Sacred Arbor and choose an elf to gift stuff to on a daily basis for a few game days.

  2. To ensure your gifts are well-received, speak with the elf to learn about their preferences.

  3. Offer appropriate gifts, such as a Bunch of Flowers, until the elf gives you the coveted Tome on the proper day.

Method 2: Arborheart Riftstone

Alternatively, players can use the Arborheart Riftstone in Sacred Arbor to hire a Support Pawn already trained in the Woodland Wordsmith specialization. This approach avoids the need to change your Main Pawn's current particular interest while using Elvish translation services.

Players can use Woodland Wordsmith to summon an Official Pawn, who serves as a reliable translator for their party's comes across with elves, enabling communication and quest progression.

Crafting Bunch of Flowers

How to Learn Elvish in Dragon's Dogma 2
image via Capcom

Crafting Bunch of Flowers, a popular gift among elves, is required to obtain the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome. Gather Sunbloom from the Arborheart and Moonglow from the Malachite Forest to make these beloved gifts. Bunch of Flowers recipes contain combinations such as:

  • Noonbloom x1 + Moonglow x1

  • Sunbloom x1 + Moonglow x1

  • Sunbloom x1 + Noonbloom x1

Location and Process

How to Learn Elvish in Dragon's Dogma 2
image via Capcom

Navigating Sacred Arbor and finding Grisha, an elf known for her Armory, is important for getting the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome. Follow these steps to ensure your mastery of Elvish communication.

  1. Travel to Sacred Arbor, northwest of Vernworth, following the convoluted paths of the Malachite Forest.

  2. Locate Grisha's Armory in Sacred Arbor, as seen on the map.

  3. For three days in a row, give Grisha a daily gift, making sure that each gift is suitable for her preferences.

  4. On the fourth day, Grisha will give you the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome, indicating that you have successfully learned Elvish.

Using the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome

Now that you have the Woodland Wordsmith's Tome, you can give your Main Pawn the power to easily translate into Elvish. To begin the learning process, access the tome via your Items Menu. This will open up a world of deeper relationships and improved gameplay features with the Sacred Arbor elves.

By following these specific steps and using both techniques of learning Elvish, players can break over the language barrier in Dragon's Dogma 2, promoting deeper immersion and expanding their adventure in this compelling fantasy world.


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