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How to Trade in Manor Lords

How to Trade in Manor Lords
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Trading in Manor Lords is important for promoting your community and growing your power. While self-reliance may not be possible in the early stages, trade provides an achievable option. Here's a quick guide to trading successfully in Manor Lords.

How to Trade in Manor Lords

Types of Trade Buildings

  • Trading Post: Facilitates the import and export of commercial items around the region.

  • Livestock Trading Post: focuses in the exchange of livestock such as horses, oxen, and sheep.

  • Pack Station: Allows internal trade between your territories using a barter system.

Trading Mechanics

  • Begin by creating a Trading Post and selecting the "Trade" option.

  • Import: Spend wealth to get essential supplies from outside sources.

  • Export: Sell extra items to earn money.

  • Full Trade: Continue to import and export until a specific stock level is reached.

  • No Trade: Temporarily suspend trading for strategic stock management.

Building Trade Routes

  • To set up trade routes, open the Trading Post and pick the wagon symbol next to the products of interest.

  • Keep track of trader arrivals by using the eye icon in your trade network.

Trade Tips

  • Place your Trading Post strategically between the King's Road and the storage facilities.

  • Purchase a horse at the Livestock Trading Post for effective transport of cargo.

  • Focus on things with a high return on investment, such as ale, cloaks, food, warbows, and sheep products.

  • Reinvest incoming trade revenue to improve Burgage Plots through increased production.

By follow these trade strategies, you can ensure prosperity and growth for your Manor Lords community.


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