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How to Upgrade Burgage Plots in Manor Lords

How to Upgrade Burgage Plots in Manor Lords
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In Manor Lords, improving your Burgage Plots is important for unlocking additional features and developing your character. These improvements not only improve food production, but they also increase regional wealth and allow for more people. You'll struggle to progress in the game until you progress your Burgage Plots. Here's a detailed guide for upgrading Burgage Plots from level 2 onwards:

How to Upgrade Burgage Plots to Level 2 in Manor Lords

To start the upgrading process, click on the Burgage Plot and then choose the circular house symbol. It is important to note that upgrading depends on meeting particular requirements.

Essential Requirements

  • Water Access: Build a well in a groundwater region (as shown by the blue colors when choosing the well from the residential menu).

  • Church Level 1: Build a wooden church, which is available in the Residential Construction menu.

  • Fuel Stall Supply: Ensure that there is a enough supply of firewood or charcoal, which may be obtained through a Woodcutter's Lodge.

  • Food Stall Supply: Have two types of food available in the Marketplace, such as meat from a hunting camp and berries from a foraging hut.

  • Clothing Stall Supply: Get basic materials such as leather, linen, or yarn, which are normally available at a Hunting Camp and Tannery.

  • Upgrade Cost: Meeting these requirements allows you to begin the improvement for a cost of four timbers.

How to Upgrade Burgage Plots to Level 3 in Manor Lords

The Burgage Plot must already be at level 2.

Additional Requirements

  • Tavern Supply: Ensure that surrounding taverns supply enough ale.

  • Small Stone Church: Change the wooden church into a small stone church.

  • Third Food kind: Add a third food kind to the Marketplace, such as veggies or eggs.

  • Second Clothing Stall Supply: Offer fully finished things in the Marketplace, such as clothing, cloaks, or shoes.

  • Upgrading to level 3 costs 25 Regional Wealth, 4 Timber, 8 Planks, and 4 Clay Tiles.

Upgrading Burgage Plot Extensions

  1. Extension Options: In addition to the primary update, consider adding backyard expansions or increasing your living area.

  2. Requirements: Ensure that your Burgage Plot is large enough to accommodate additions.

  3. Execution:

  • Backyard Extension: Click on the plot and then choose a backyard extension from the menu.

  • Living Space Expansion: Click on the farmer's photo within the plot.

By following these methods, you may improve your Burgage Plots and open up new opportunities for resource collection, wealth development, and population increase in Manor Lords.


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