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Master Illusionist Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Master Illusionist Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac Games

In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the eleventh mission is called Master Illusionist Walkthrough, only featuring Miles Morales. We'll lead you through the procedures and advice in this guide to finish this mission and get all of the rewards it has to offer.

Step-by-Step Guide to complete Master Illusionist Walkthrough

Step 1: The Mysterium Beckons

  • When Ganke calls, go to Coney Island to look into Mysterio's new location.

  • To change into your suit, land on a rooftop close to the theme park and open the door.

  • Miles and Ganke enter the Escape Room, which is hosted by Quentin Beck (Mysterio), who then introduces his business partner Betsy and technological advisor Cole. This opens a cutscene.

  • Going forward, Miles enters "the next generation of entertainment."

Step 2: Welcome to the Illusion

  • Inside, proceed along the corridor that goes to the right.

  • Enter the spherical room by the door at the end.

  • To begin the adventure, move towards and engage with the central console (△).

Step 3: The DJ Minigame

  • You'll change into a unique costume based after Mysterio.

  • You are standing on a walkway with a view of a dance floor.

  • To start DJing, play about with the turntables in front of you.

  • A rhythm game that requires exact button pushes or joystick stick movements starts.

  • From left to right, the order is left joystick stick, L1, R1, and right joystick stick.

  • Press the right button or move when the grey screen appears in front of you.

  • Enjoy the game; there is no penalty for missing notes.

  • The music is a remix of the Spider-Man theme from Marvel.

  • The inputs in the game get longer and faster as it goes on.

  • Be mindful of beat drop times, where you must press L2 and R2 at the same time.

Step 4: Illusory Challenges

  • The simulation breaks after the third beat drop.

  • Martin Li appears in a vision as Mr. Negative.

  • L1 + △ allows you to perform a Thunder Burst, which is an explosive electrical burst that teleports you towards an attacker.

  • On the dance floor, enemies known as the Illusory Inner Monsters appear; use simple combos to defeat them.

  • More enemies emerge on the floating parts surrounding the dancing floor.

  • Give attention to ranged adversaries and use Thunder Burst to teleport and defeat them.

  • Apply the same procedure to other floating parts.

  • Kill every enemy, including the ones with rocket launchers and brutes.

  • Engage with the turntables by going to the biggest area of the floating arena.

  • To close the simulation, execute one last simultaneous L2 + R2.

Step 5: Back to Reality

  • The dancing floor disappears and the mystery building is revealed.

  • Miles gets thrown back out as you zip and glide over.

  • After apologising, Quentin closes the attraction for repair.

  • Harry, MJ, and Peter show up.

Step 6: New Beginnings

  • Harry is introduced to Miles and Ganke by Peter.

  • Harry says that they plan to launch a new research foundation.

  • When Miles inquires about Peter's tutoring work, Peter ducks the question.

  • Miles and Ganke make the decision to leave early as everyone gets ready to enjoy the park.

  • Miles apologises via message to Hailey for being unavailable to see her park display.

After completing this mission, you'll be able to explore Mysteriums in the open world, but first you'll need to focus on the upcoming story missions.

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