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Microsoft Might be Launch Minecraft for PS5

Microsoft Might be Launch Minecraft for PS5
Image via Mojang Studios

Microsoft is said to be near complete on a native version of Minecraft designed especially for the PlayStation 5. This exciting news comes from PlayStation Game Size, a trustworthy source recognized for revealing upcoming releases by diving into the inner workings of Sony's console shop.

Minecraft is now playable on PS5 thanks to backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4 edition. However, the community has been eagerly awaiting a special PlayStation 5 edition, similar to the latest update on the Xbox version, which now offers spectacular 4K quality.

Rumors of a tied Minecraft transfer for current-generation consoles began last year, when an Xbox Series X|S version appeared on numerous rating boards.

One of the most anticipated features in this optimized version is the possible inclusion of ray tracing technology, a graphical boost that Microsoft has teased since before the platform's release in 2020. The hype peaked in 2021, when developer Mojang mistakenly included prototype code for ray tracing capabilities in a preview build available to Xbox Insiders, causing a surge of anticipation among gamers.

Despite the brief glimpse, Mojang quickly removed the prototype code, stating that its inclusion did not signal any urgent plans to implement ray tracing capability on consoles. However, the appeal of exploring Minecraft's realistic landscapes with cutting-edge graphics continues to drive speculation and passion in the gaming community.

As the gaming landscape changes with technological advances, the potential of a native Minecraft experience specific for PlayStation 5 marks a big step forward, promising gamers a visually amazing and engaging head into the famous blocky universe.



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