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New GTA 6 Leak Shows Cool Character-Switching

New GTA 6 Leak Shows Cool Character-Switching
Image Via Rockstar Games

Despite Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive's efforts to keep GTA 6 details private, an unexpected video leak has provided fans with a glance into the game's character-switching mechanism. The footage, which was first seen during the 2022 Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks, was recently published by an X-profile known as @gta6news_leaks, startling the gaming community.

Although at the pre-alpha stage, the leaked video provides a glimpse of the upcoming game, with a focus on the character-switching motion, the rumoured protagonists, Jason and Lucia, and the open-world design. Even if a popup window partially obscures the screen, viewers can plainly watch the character change process.

Character swapping in GTA 5 was accomplished through two methods: a rounded camera approach for nearby characters and a zoomed-out map search for distant ones. The leaked GTA 6 video shows a new close switching mechanism that features a seamless transition with sound effects and a flashing screen.

The video also shows character changing from a distance, showing the same smooth transition. While seamless character switching is already available in the current Grand Theft Auto game, people are curious about how Rockstar Games intends to improve long-distance character swapping in GTA 6.


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