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Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe Reflects on Palworld Impact and Industry Inspiration

Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe Reflects on Palworld Impact and Industry Inspiration
Image via Pocketpair

Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpair, has expressed his delight in watching other gaming studios take inspiration from Palworld, a game that sparked heated debate upon its release earlier this year.

Palworld, which has been accessible on PC and Xbox since January, sparked claims mostly around its perceived similarities to the Pokémon brand, notably in terms of creature designs. However, as time passed, the narrative modified, and sequels are now being compared to and influenced by Palworld's distinct style.

In a recent online post, Mizobe provided insights on the industry's ongoing trends. He revealed that other companies are currently building mobile game clones inspired by Palworld, with budgets of around 10 billion yen. Despite his dismay, Mizobe expressed flattery and satisfaction at witnessing Palworld's impact on the world of gaming, an attitude stemming from his role as the game's director.

Addressing Tencent's initiatives, Mizobe remarked,

"I don’t think what Tencent is doing is wrong. I’m proud that other companies want to make games like Palworld. The industry historically innovates when we borrow ideas from games we love."

In a recent interview, Mizobe hinted at Pocketpair's plans to expand Palworld's availability to new platforms, suggesting potential partnerships or acquisitions. However, he added that, while Pocketpair remains open to such discussions, the firm has not entered into buyout talks with Microsoft, a matter of conjecture in gaming circles.

Microsoft, the firm behind Xbox, praised Palworld's performance on its platforms, calling it the most successful third-party Game Pass launch to date. This feat highlights the game's influence and resonance with a broad range of gamers.



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