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The Forspoken PC Port Does Have some Serious Issues

Technical issues with the PC port.

Forspoken's recent launched RPG game by Square Enix this week. The developer has faced some critisicm from PC Player. They are dissatisfied with how poorly the game runs on expensive hardware.

Expectations for the expensive open-world adventure game Forspoken are understandably high as a result of the rumours and excitement around it for a number of years. The game's core concept young person from modern-day New York attempting to fit in after being transported to a fantastic, magical world—is intriguing. It's a fun "what if" situation that many people have certainly thought about, but evaluations indicate that the execution isn't quite good enough.

With almost 55% of user reviews now being negative, the PC port of Forspoken has received a storm of unfavourable comments on Steam. Despite the fact that many of these unfavourable reviews focus on gameplay faults or random issues with characters and dialogue, many of them also complain about how difficult it is to get the game to run smoothly, even on extremely powerful computers. While some players have experienced multiple crashes and others have noted a significant contrast between the quality presented in gameplay trailers and what players really see in-game, systems with graphics cards like the RTX 3070 are failing to run the game at 1440p.

This publisher's readers have come to anticipate it. It's possible that the state the game had to launch in had more to do with the review code allocation than the game's quality, as several high-profile examples have demonstrated. It can be extremely difficult to recover from that poor first impression, especially on a platform where users can get a refund within the first few hours.

Overall, This is not the first time a Square Enix game's PC port has had problems. Although Nier Automata's PC port was initially thought to be rather terrible, it over time received some significant updates and became considerably better.



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