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What is real reason behind of Graphic Card price high in India?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

You want to build a new PC or Upgrade Graphics card but in India, the Graphic Card price is the hike. Do you think why GPU price is high in India and what is the reason behind price high in the Indian and Globally GPU market?. We are discussing some points what are real reasons behind and who is responsible for it.

I think the main reason for the price high of Graphic cards globally is Cryptocurrency mining because in a few weeks bitcoin price high up to 15%. Graphics cards can perform more calculations due to the ALUs and this makes them have an improved output during Mining. Graphic Card can carry out multiple tasks, and this is why miners prefer them. Many miners use graphic cards like GTX 1070/1070 TI, RX 580, GTX 1060, and RX Vega 56 is used for in cold climates with cheap power and another is GTX 1080TI. When a flood comes into the cryptocurrency market Graphic card demand of miners is very high. And all the retailers directly sell all units of graphic cards to miners. This is the main reason for the gaming market for a stock shortage of Graphic card in the market and graphic card is not reach to gamers. The distributor sells GPU to Retailer for sell to gamers but retailer sold limited GPU to gamer and other sold to miner because the miner is paid extra to sellers for Graphic card. There is well news that Nvidia has trying to change his Hash after the change miner is not able to use any graphic card of Nvidia.

Another reason is a global chip supply shortage, there is a company named TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) this made chips for AMD and Nvidia Graphic Card, recently TSMC started making chips for Intel because now intel is not able to manufacture the chip. Now TSMC is manufacturing chips for Three companies because due to his company has been shortage but demand has increased. This effect falls on AMD, Nvidia, and Intel. In the world mining graphic card demand increased more. In USA and Europe has more profit on a graphic card that is why all the supply of units are sent to this both counties. Due to shortage, the company has decreased production limited.

Now we have talked about the global why is graphic card price is high and shortage of stock. Let us talk about the Indian GPU market.

India also has a high-priced GPU and very bad condition in the Graphic card market. The main reason for the price high is the distributor. You think it depends on mining boost but Mining has no role and any effect on the Indian market. Why distributor is main reason behind to high price of GPU. For example, When a retailer goes to a distributor to buy and ask for 4 units of the graphic card but the distributor maintains the condition of its own to retailer to buy 2 motherboards and 5 cabinets, Only then are they getting a graphic card, the retailer has to pay extra compelled. Then retailers also cover extra coast from the customer. That is why graphic cards are a high price in India.

The main reason behind the distributor selling the extra item to the retailer is that the 2 or 4-year-old item is lying with the distributor and they trying to clean and sell stock at full MRP price as soon as. There are worse things is that Acro distributors create a Facebook group for their own advantage, offering customers the chance to buy a GPU like Nvidia RTX 3060, 3070, or 3080 directly from them at a normal price. AMD recently launched a new graphics card Radeon RX 6700 XT is out now in India. After release on 18 March the price of RX 6700 XT is Rupee 38,990 + 18% GST set by Company but in Indian Retailers like Vedant Computers and other listing price is Rs. 91,500 other like ASUS and MSI price is Rs 100,000. Another is that in the market 16 series graphics card is out of stock but there is something left, the remaining ones are worth a lot normally 16 series graphic card price was 13,000 rupee and now is 18,000 rupee, not waste your money on 16 series.

In February, 1050TI is best selling graphic card in India, the reason is there is no other graphic card in the market because of stock shortage in the market. In the future, you can see overpriced Graphic cards on the market because they stopped giving stock in the market. Distributors want to increase demand to create to make a such a condition here, you buy Graphic card that what don't like to buy but condition will be made like. You have to buy compelled.

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