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All About Ghostwire: Tokyo

Explore Beauty of Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an upcoming first person action-adventure game from The Evil Within Developer Tango Gameworks. Ghostwire tokyo is based on Shibuya district best well-known for beautiful place on the planet, and with positively thrumming with energy, but on the other side of city it turn into spooky, paranormal version of japan after supernatural phenomenon, all humans have disappeared just like Thanos did , except for one, your character.

Ghostwire: Tokyo's story begins at a rapid pace with one of its protagonists lying dead on the floor. After being involved in a fatal car accident on Tokyo's famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Akito Izuki is brought back from the dead when a shadowy spirit calling himself KK merges with his body. The unholy union between the pair gives Akito access to KK's supernatural powers, but before he's even able to fathom what the hell's going on, the rest of Tokyo's residents are engulfed by a malevolent fog that blankets the entire city. A menagerie of evil spirits known as Visitors now roam Shibuya's streets in their stead, so it's up to Akito and KK to put a stop to the masked villain responsible before the situation worsens.

The reveal trailer for Ghostwire at E3 2019 made it out as an action thriller with lots of supernatural influences. This was joined by a gameplay trailer in the summer of 2020, and then finally we got an in depth view of gameplay in March 2022 that showed off just how magical the brawler is.

The gameplay reveal for Ghostwire: Tokyo definitely displays some of the action game elements that Tango said it's going for, even if the setting is still just flashes of monsters and bright lights in Tokyo. You can spot all manner of spooks in the trailer, from headless schoolgirls to things that look a lot like slendermen to spooky child demons in raincoats. Shinji Mikami games, brazenly following in the footsteps of Resident Evil 4 by mixing survival horror and action with an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Tokyo, after all, is a city of contrasts between the glitz of modernity and the quiet reflection of tradition, between the intensity of its concrete jungle and the pockets of greenery that provide an escape, between tourist hotspots and forgotten tenements, and between towering shopping complexes and dingy back alleys packed with tiny bars. This is an environment I loved being in, and all the more so because of the many touchstones to iconic elements of Japanese culture and mythology, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun to explore.

The combat is uncomplicated and desperately in need of depth, but there's a magic to its presentation and execution that will so easily enrapture your attention. The flashes of light as Akito's fingers contort, the fizz of energy as his wrists shift between shapes beneath. Wind, water, and fire attacks form the baseline of your arsenal, but you have a number of other options, such as stealth kills, talismans that can stun and distract, a weak strike attack for close quarters, a bow for longer range, and the ability to block to minimize incoming damage, or if timed correctly parry an enemy.

It’s enhanced by a magnificent rendered world and some truly moments that will make Evil Within fans feel right at home. The game launches worldwide on March 25th on the PS5 and PC as one year timed exclusive.



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