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Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac Games

In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the ninth mission is called Bad Guys On The Block. In this expedition, Peter looks into a suspicious threat and learns important details about the hunters, the city's new enemy. This mission walkthrough will lead you through every phase of the game and offer useful advice to improve the efficiency and fun factor of your gameplay.

Step-by-Step Guide to complete Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough

Step 1: The Hunter Blinds

1.1 Heading to the Williamsburg Bridge

Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Imagew via Insomniac Games

  • To begin, proceed to the Williamsburg Bridge's objective marker.

  • Reporting that there are no criminals in the area, Peter gets in touch with Miles.

  • Before Peter can act, litter unexpectedly disappears into thin air once he notices it.

1.2 Cloaking Tech Discovery

  • Inspect the region thoroughly to find evidence of cloaking technology being used to hide hunter outposts.

  • Meet crossbow-wielding rivals, shield-wielding hunters, and mechanised birds.

  • Acquire the skill of avoiding enemy shields by using the 'O' button to sneak up on them and deal effective harm.

1.3 Dealing with Enemies

Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
image via Insomniac Games

  • First, eliminate ranged threats by taking out crossbow adversaries; then, deal with the robotic birds.

  • Use the Spider Shock ability (L1 + O) if you have it to quickly shock and defeat the birds.

  • To move on, defeat every adversary in the vicinity.

1.4 Investigating the Laptop

Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac Games

  • Examine the laptop on an elevated surface to turn on the Hunter Drone.

1.5 Drone Chase

  • Swing and glide after the drone to take part in an exciting chase around the the city.

  • Press 'O' in midair to avoid railgun bullets when asked for.

  • For more explode, use L2 + R2 to zip across damaged billboards.

1.6 Cloaked Hunter Outpost

  • Find another hidden hunter outpost by following the drone to the top of a tall building.

  • Face one dual-wielding swordsman, two normal henchman, and two shielded enemies.

  • Engage with the deactivated Hunter Drone in the northeast corner after defeating the enemies.

1.7 Falling and Web Wings

You can glide to the next goal marker by using your Web Wings as Peter destroys the drone and falls from the sky.

Step 2: Infiltrating the Building

2.1 Arrival of an old building

  • When you get to the run-down structure, you'll notice some guards.

  • Discover how to use R3 to scan opponents to see if they're open to a takedown.

2.2 Stealth Takedowns

  • To neutralise the guards, use takedowns and alternatives.

  • To stay stealthy, do Wall Takedowns and Perch Takedowns.

2.3 Further Exploration

  • Make your way through the structure while executing Melee and Ceiling Takedowns.

  • When necessary, engage in combat and clear the area.

2.4 Terminal Interaction

  • When you approach the terminal with the objective marker, you can view Kraven's active search on surveillance footage by touching the computer.

2.5 Vent Takedown

After you web zip into the vent to the right of the terminal, locate it and do a vent takedown.

Step 3: Webline Discovery

3.1 New Gadget: Webline

  • Climb and proceed via the inner pipe.

  • Find more about the Webline, a new device.

3.2 Using the Webline

  • To use the Webline, aim with L2 and  shoot it onto the wall by pressing △.

  • Execute a Takedown from Perch from above.

Step 4: Confrontation

4.1 Facing the Hunters

  • Step inside a room full of hunters.

  • Make use of your Webline to attack, deflect, and position yourself in a strategic manner.

4.2 Stealth Approach

  • Dealing with the lone opponents on the upper balcony requires a subtle approach.

4.3 Pressure-Sensitive Gas Mines

  • Watch out for pressure-sensitive gas mines on the ground; if one is triggered, get away fast.

4.4 Combat

  • When fighting is required, deal with opponents waving riflemen and rocket launchers.

Step 5: Discovering Kraven's Prey

5.1 Computer Interaction

  • Proceed to the computer located in the room's lowest area once you have killed all enemies.

  • Discover Black Cat's location and other details.

5.2 Robotic Dogs

  • Be ready for a robotic dog ambush.

  • Take advantage of the Spider Shock power to deal with them efficiently.

5.3 Second Wave

  • Take care of the second wave of rivals, which includes more robotic dogs and enemies with shields.

Step 6: Kraven's Hunt

6.1 Final Discovery

Look again at the computer for the profiles of Martin Li, Scorpion, Vulture, and Black Cat.

6.2 Ambush

As Kraven approaches Scorpion, there's an ambush that results in a dramatic confrontation.

You will receive 2000 XP after finishing the Bad Guys On The Block Walkthrough. The story develops as Miles, Peter, and other characters become caught in a web of mystery, laying the groundwork for the upcoming exciting installment of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Grab the chance to take part in side missions, crimes, and city activities. You may also look for Hunter Blinds to find additional challenges.

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