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Beyond Good And Evil 2, Release Date, Gameplay, Characters And Story

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Beyond Good And Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 its a prequel of Beyond Good and Evil was released in 2003. This game was announced on E3 2017 by Ubisoft.

Release Date of Beyond Good and Evil 2 re

There are no definitive release date of BGE2 announce by Ubisoft. May be this game release in 2021 or 2022.

Gameplay of Beyond Good and Evil 2

BGE2 is an action adventure role playing open world game. In this game you can create and customize player as you like either human or hybrid with their own story. This game you have guns, gadget, sword, jetpack, spaceship and you can also upgrade your spaceship and equipment. The players visits planets that have their own societies, and by completing tasks on these planets, gain new technologies or other facets to improve their spacecraft.

This game have both Single player or Multiplayer, the player can participate in a universe, with some events affecting all players at the same time.

Story of Beyond Good and Evil 2

BGE takes place in a multicultural world in a far-off solar system called "System 3". Set sometime in the 24th Century, players will play as space pirates attempting to take back control from evil corporations that have taken over.

The main storyline appears to be centered around a new character named Dakini, a captain of a ship called the Gada. She goes missing while searching for Moksha's Gate and a new captain, Shani, along with some of her crew have set out to uncover the mystery.

Characters of Beyond Good and Evil 2

  • Shani - Ship mechanic

  • Dakini - Gada crew captain

  • Uma - Chief Medical Officer

  • Knox - Chief spy

  • Callum - Chief Engineer

  • Zhou Yuzhu - Crime boss and collector

  • Li Daiyu - Madam running Zhou's backrooms

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