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GTA 6 Storage Shock: 750GB Rumor Sparks Concern

GTA 6 Storage Shock: 750GB Rumor Sparks Concern
Image va Rockstar Games

Few video game releases have sparked as much intense interest as the mysterious Grand Theft Auto 6. Since Rockstar Games teased fans with the news of GTA 6 development in February 2022, two years had quickly gone. This early announcement, which some have criticised for being a selfish response to harmful gameplay leaks, is currently facing criticism from the community. In order to lessen the effects of the leaks, Rockstar Games had to interact with the gaming community.

Rockstar Games has stayed mum about GTA 6 despite the passage of time, just confirming that it is still in development. This informational gap has given rise to a never-ending stream of rumours and speculation that has captivated the gaming community.

There is much speculation that GTA 6 will take players back to Vice City, possibly including side trips into South American locations. Additionally, Jason and Lucia, two selectable protagonists, are said to be a reference to the infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde.

The most recent rumour, however, has shocked the gaming industry and raised questions regarding console storage capacity. A reliable GTA leaker speculates that the upcoming game may require an insane 750GB of storage and 400 hours of playtime in a tweet published by "GTA 6 News."

The possibility of longer playtime is usually welcomed, but the need for 750GB of storage is a significant obstacle for PC and console players. Consider the PlayStation 5, which has an internal hard drive with an SSD capacity of 825GB; about 158GB of that capacity is automatically reserved for system files, leaving only 667.8GB available for gamers. Obviously, the rumoured GTA 6 download size is a frightening 80GB larger than this limit. The Xbox Series X (and Series S Carbon Black model) includes a 1TB SSD, with 198GB set aside for system files, leaving players with 802GB, making the situation a little bit better. However, this would hardly fit the substantial installation of GTA VI.

Given the unit's small 512GB SSD hard drive, these rumours could be terrible for owners of the ordinary Series S (white variant). In such a case, purchasing more SSD internal storage for the PS5 and SSD expansion cards for the Xbox Series X|S would be the sole option to deal with this potential storage problem.

It is crucial to approach these rumours with caution because unverified reports frequently lead to more questions than they do solutions. Could GTA 6 really require 750GB of storage space? One can only hope for a more doable need for the gaming community.

In a similar development, Rockstar Games' parent firm Take-Two Interactive hinted at a 2025 release date for GTA 6, suggesting it would serve as the generation's sole flagship game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, and it promises gamers throughout the world an expanded and engaging gaming experience.


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