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Logitech Pro X Keyboard Overview

Logitech's Pro X is new gaming keyboard for Gamer. The actual switches in the keyboard are swappable, one by one. Going from a particular key with a click Logitech Blue switch to a different-texture Red or Brown variety is as easy as changing out a key. Logitech isn't the first company to support easily removable switches, but it's by far the biggest. Beyond the switch-switching.The price is $149.99 Pro X is largely the same as the standard keyboard that remains the for Esport gaming.

The Logitech keyboard come with 87 key Tenkeyless. That does not count the two round buttons in the top right corner. One disables the keyboard's RGB lighting, and one toggles gaming mode on or off, gaming mode on disables the Windows, menu, and function key.The design looks dense at a glance, though that's typical for what it is: At 1.3 by 14.2 by 6 inches, it's pretty much the standard footprint for a board. I attribute the impression to the thick plastic case, which rises to meet the key caps, and the small gaps between keys.

Other side its design is simple .The Logitech G Pro products include the features that help players win. That means no USB or audio pass through ports, no media-playback or macro keys, nothing that one might call a "quality of life" feature.

That said, it does have a detachable cable, which at this point feels like a must-have feature for any keyboard claiming Esports credibility. Logitech is still using micro USB rather than USB Type-C at the keyboard end, but seeing as the cord has a custom locking mechanism.

Swapping key is very easy and movable . Pro X also come with key kit , we can easily change with the key puller , but it also can be used to remove the switch.

Before esport gaming, Gamer change the key in 10 minutes like a pro. In event gamer want smooth key to play games and gamer have own choice to put key what they want . As a gamer i use most keyboard only razer and logitech because they key are so smooth.

Logitech pro x as configuration or G Hub we can change the and mange the setting of keyboard. G Hub is the best configuration app around the world. The Pro X allows you to create as many profiles as you like stored on your PC, but it can save only a single keyboard profile in the board's internal memory. We can change colour, effect and adjust the keyboard.

As a Gamer or blogger you must used this keyboard once .This is a good keyboard and i used this keyboard for a month.Most of gamer and streamer play with this .

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