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Microsoft Releases an Exciting Cross-Platform Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Microsoft Releases an Exciting Cross-Platform Xbox Game Pass Lineup
Image via Microsoft

Microsoft recently revealed the next additions to Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which caused quite a stir within the gaming community. The upcoming generation of games promises a wide variety of gaming experiences that may be customised to the tastes of gamers on various platforms.

The first game to launch the gaming feast is "Those Who Remain," which is available now on PC, Console, and Cloud. The gaming calendar is slated to delight enthusiasts with the release of the peculiar adventure "Turnip Boy Robs a Bank" and the fast-paced racing thrill of "F1 23" (available on Console and PC with EA Play integration) on January 18.

On January 19, "Palworld" was released, bringing gamers into a fascinating virtual world across PC, console, and cloud platforms. On January 25, "Go Mecha Ball" will launch, offering an exciting blend of strategy and action on PC, Console, and Cloud. The intriguing game "Brotato," which will enthral players on Cloud, Console, and PC starting on January 30, is a great way to end the month.

Xbox Game Pass users can expect two captivating experiences in February: "Persona 3 Reload" on February 2 and the magical realm of "Anuchard" on February 6. Both titles will be accessible on PC, Console, and Cloud.

Blockbuster titles like "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" (available on Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S), the survival horror classic "Resident Evil 2," and the atmospheric adventure "Close to the Sun" (available on Cloud, Console, and PC) are just a few of the popular titles that have been added to the Game Pass collection in January.

But every success story needs a happy ending, and on January 31, "Hitman: World of Assassination" will say goodbye to Xbox Game Pass, providing players with their final opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting realm of hidden operations.

In other Xbox-related news, Microsoft ended the week with a startling market valuation of $2.87 trillion, surpassing Apple as the most valuable corporation in the world. Microsoft is also looking into creative options; it has hinted that Xbox Game Pass streaming may be included in return for viewing adverts.

Thursday's second Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct presentation is something that fans of video games can't wait to see. A preview of future games such as MachineGames' "Indiana Jones," Obsidian's "Avowed," Oxide Games' "Ara: History Untold," and Ninja Theory's "Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2" will be provided at this eagerly awaited event. The Xbox community is excitedly awaiting information about what lies ahead for gaming on the platform, and the community is humming with anticipation.



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