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Places where you can buy PS5 in USA

This is quite challenging for you getting a brand new PlayStation 5 right now, and it has turned into an arduous task to browse multiple websites for checking to restock updates or news about PlayStation 5. Don’t be disappointed you came right place. We are here to help you buy PlayStation 5 with a guide and tips.

Since Sony launched its new PlayStation 5, demand has been soaring in the market. The pandemic and global shortage of semiconductor chips have put a full stop to supply chain and manufacturing. Still, the good news is that recently PlayStation 5 restock made its comeback earlier this month.

Where Can I Buy PS5?

In the offline retailer shop in the USA, we see that consoles restock once a month, and they are sold out within a minute at Target, and Walmart. According to some reports, restocks for the PlayStation 5, and Digital Edition are more likely to happen this month in the online/offline retailer’s stores.

So here is the best store in the USA where you can buy a PlayStation 5.

1. Amazon

Amazon USA PS5 restocking pops up immediately in-store. Restocking is happening without notification. On Amazon, the PS5 standard edition costs $499, and the Digital Edition at $399. Although, recently, Amazon has been accepting invite-only request restocks when it’s next available.

2. Walmart

In the US, Walmart regularly restocks PlayStation 5 every Thursday in both online/offline stores. Walmart will inform you earlier before the supply of PlayStation 5 when it’s live. You get super-fast delivery and extra benefits if you have a Walmart plus subscription.

3. GameStop

The cycle of PlayStation 5 restocking on GameStop. It’s seemingly coming out once a week. Most likely days of restocking are Wednesday and Thursday at GameStop. This store is a haven for all gamers, and it also has free shipping charges and fast delivery.

4. Best Buy

Best Buy offered PlayStation 5 restock randomly on Monday, Thursday, and Friday between noons ET to 3 pm ET last month. Best Buy also informs you about livestock in offline retailer stores.

5. PlayStation Direct

Sony PlayStation direct is the first place for every gamer to buy PS5, so this is the first place to buy a console. Buying a PlayStation 5, you need to fill in your details and receive an invitation mail from Sony. They usually restock at least once a month.

Tips for buying a PlayStation 5

1. Looking for an offline/online store with reputation and goodwill. You should buy from an authorized offline retailer store and trusted eCommerce; you should stay away from a fake online store.

2. Read the reviews about product listings of online stores to know what existing customers are saying about the experience.

3. Before purchasing any product, research the console PS5 Disc edition and digital edition, which is cost-worthy, and understand what console accessories enhanced your gameplay experience?

4. Before finalizing your order, look for a return/refund policy or delivery time. There are many online stores out there that have delivery times are more than 30 days.


It is difficult for Sony to meet the high demand for their PlayStation due to a shortage of semiconductor chips. Fortunately, Sony has announced to combat the malpractices happening on the ground. The above stores are the best retailers in the USA. So, we recommend buying a PS5 from PlayStation Direct without worrying about fraud dealers. Also, you can try the best store like Amazon and GameStop to get your console fast and secure delivery. So, we hope to see all PS5 fans owning a console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How often is the PlayStation 5 available to buy in the USA?

So, it depends on the region, and it can be available once a week in some stores. For more updates, you can check from stores.

Q2.How much does PlayStation 5 cost in the USA?

Sony provides two versions of the console, the first is the PlayStation 5 disc at costs $499, and the second is the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition at $399.

Q3. Which PlayStation 5 Edition should I buy?

There are two versions of Sony PlayStation, which one is better, the PS5 disc or the digital version.

The PlayStation 5 Digital edition does not require a disc, so there is no need for a physical copy, but you can download it from PS Store or buy a PS subscription to play games, so if you have fast internet speed or a low budget, you can for the digital version.

Q4. Is PS5 good purchasing?

Suppose you want next-level experience in video games. The console comes with an ultra-high-speed SSD, support 4K resolution, and features the true reflection of gaming adventure. There are many PlayStation-exclusive games like God of war, Uncharted, The last of us, Death Stranding, etc.



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