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PS5 Pro Specs have been Leaked online

PS5 Pro Specs have been Leaked Online
Image via Sony

According to reports, the PlayStation 5 Pro specifications have leaked online. This leak offers light on the console's large power and capabilities, which Sony plans to debut in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Sony is working hard on a PS5 Pro model that offers a strongly more powerful GPU, maybe three times faster for specific activities than the current PS5 models. These characteristics were revealed via a leak by YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead, which was then documented by Insider Gaming and validated by IGN. The leaked documentation is claimed to have originated on Sony Interactive Entertainment's Developer Network.

According to the leaked specifications, the PS5 Pro CPU will be identical to that of the ordinary PlayStation 5. However, the next console will include a 'High CPU Frequency Mode,' which would increase the CPU's speed by 10% to 3.85GHz while reducing GPU performance by 1%.

The PS5 Pro's outstanding feature is its GPU performance, which is 33.5 teraflops faster than the PS5's 10.28 teraflops. This increase in performance leads to faster rendering and higher-quality ray tracing capabilities. Despite this huge gain, a direct comparison would place the PS5 Pro at roughly 16 to 17 teraflops, which is less than three times the power of the normal PS5.

One of the most exciting features of the PS5 Pro is its new technologies, which include an upscaling/antialiasing solution known as PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling), a custom machine learning architecture, and an AI accelerator. In addition, the PS5 Pro will have a detachable disc drive and 1TB of storage space.

The hacked docs also mention the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), which is supposed to use PlayStation's machine learning for image upscaling, similar to Nvidia's DLSS and AMD's FSR. This technology may facilitate upscaling to 8K resolutions in future editions, improving ray tracing performance on the predicted PS5 Pro hardware.

Although Moore's Law is Dead has had mixed results in previous leaks, Henderson's reporting indicates that Sony's first-party studios have been actively testing PS5 Pro devkits since September, with third-party developers obtaining access in January. Henderson previously hinted to a PS5 Pro in the works, with a release date of November 2024.

The gaming community is buzzing with anticipation as these leaks point to an exciting change in console gaming with the PlayStation 5 Pro's cutting-edge specifications and unique features.



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