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PlayStation Plus Latest December Free Games have Arrived

PlayStation Plus latest December free games have arrived
Image via PlayStation

Sony recently announced the selection for December 2023's PlayStation Plus Essential games, which generated both excitement and outrage among subscribers.

Following an unfavourable reaction to November's offerings, which left many disappointed with the programme, the burden is on PlayStation Plus to redeem itself. The next selection is designed to entice Essential or above tier users by providing free access to LEGO 2K Drive, PowerWash Simulator, and Sable. These titles will be available for download on December 5, 2023.

While the list may not appear to be particularly spectacular at first sight, there are some hidden gems among them. PowerWash Simulator in particular is singled out as a lovely offering for people looking for a relaxed gaming experience. Furthermore, LEGO 2K Drive adds a decent racing game to the mix.

Members of PlayStation Plus can grab these games between December 5 and January 1, 2024. The Essential tier, the entry-level membership, offers customers a monthly selection of "free" games. November's Essential member offerings comprised Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Aliens Fireteam Elite, all of which were available for download until December 4.

Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service provides more than simply free monthly games. The Extra and Premium tiers, which were introduced last summer, include access to the Game Catalogue, a library of up to 400 downloadable games for both the PS4 and the PS5. Premium users get access to the Classics Catalogue, which includes titles from the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PSP, as well as game trials and cloud streaming.

These premium features, however, come at a cost. Sony raised the price of PlayStation Plus subscriptions by up to 35% in August. The 12-month subscription plans for the Essential, Extra, and Premium levels increased by $20 to $40, £10 to £20, or €12 to €32, depending on the membership plan selected.

As the gaming community anticipates the December releases, Sony's strategic initiative to improve the PlayStation Plus programme has sparked both anticipation and doubt among its user base.

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