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PUBG Mobile Release Date India. New State, Will Work Hard to Make It Happen says Krafton Chairman

Krafton is trying get release or relaunch PUBG Mobile in India. Its been 6 month since PUBG Mobile banned in India. There is no release date of PUBG Mobile given by company but Krafton says that "Will Work Hard to Make It Happen". Krafton made clear its priorities to work with Indian government officials to bring PUBG Mobile back to the country. Unlikely game is to be announced anytime soon.

Also Krafton focus on New State a new map of PUBG. The pre-registration links for iOS and Android on the official website unfortunately don't work in India. They are prioritizing PUBG Mobile relaunch over PUBG: New State. The official website for the recently-announced PUBG: New State has entries in its source code for a Hindi language version of the website.

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