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PUBG Mobile to get ledge grab feature in update 0.15.0

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Are you disappointed the airdrop you were chasing around landed on the top of a roof? Well, you won’t have to deal with that much longer, thanks to the upcoming 0.15.0 update. Tencent is bringing the ledge grab feature to PUBG Mobile, which will allow players to effectively maneuver around towns and cities.

The PC version of the game added ledge grabbing back in June. The option enables players to parkour around the roofs of the cities of PUBG Mobile without falling off. This will certainly make rotating easier since you can do so from the high ground.

With this feature, some areas that were previously inaccessible can be reached. That roof where the airdrop landed, the only remaining high ground in the circle, the possibilities are endless.

To grab a ledge, all you have to do is jump towards a ledge that’s reachable and your player will climb it. This feature will also put an end to the irritating moment of accidentally falling off the crates at Georgopol and Novorepnoye.

PUBG Mobile’s 0.15.0 update is going to be a huge one with a bunch of exciting stuff such as the Payload mode, BRDM vehicle, helicopters, and more. Tencent has confirmed that the update will be dropping in October. An exact release date, however, hasn’t been announced.

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