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Starfield Revealed With 15 Minutes Gameplay at Xbox Showcase

Bethesda long awaited game is here.

In the development of 25 years, Bethesda finally announced their long-awaited video game Starfield. This announcement is made with 14 minutes of gameplay trailer, revealed by Xbox and Bethesda on Live Games Showcase 2022.

Starfield is an action-role space game full of adventure and exploration of uncharted planets in the universe. Starfield director Todd Howard is, known for The Elder Scroll and Fallout series, says that;

The RPG will be playable in both first person and third person, but primarily it's first person game.

In the gameplay, Todd Howard introduced the first moon of Anselon called Kreet. Inside the gameplay, the player freely rooming around in the third person and first person. The player continues moving toward an abandoned lab while collecting resources and sees the creatures of this moon. It's here we see that player kill the pirates who are hiding out inside the lab. While killing enemies, our XP progression system is on the rise per kill.

The footage also showed the principal city of Starfield, its New Atlantis, on a planet called Jemison, where players will accept the mission. Also, Todd Howard mentioned that in Starfield, players would create and customize their character, space ships, and labs and choose their crew members. Starfield has a wide variety of vessels and modules with different engines, shields, and advanced weapons.

Also, Todd Howard discussed the size of Starfield, and he confirmed that Starfield has more than 1000 planets, and each world is open for exploration.

The release date of Starfield has been set for November 2022, but alongside, it will delay to the first half of 2023 for Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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