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Xbox Series S Review, Should You Buy or Not

On November 10, Microsoft finally Launch two variant Xbox Series S and X in India and other countries a next gen console. We are talking about Xbox Series S, should i buy or not. We are going through some points about console.

Xbox Series S is a digital variant and Microsoft designed for Game Pass. Most of the people are going to buy Series S because is a budget friendly price is Rs 34,990 compare of Series X is Rs 49,990. Good news is that you can play next gen game without any problem. Series S is the Xbox Game Pass, that gives you access to hundreds of games for a monthly fee is Rs 699 a month.

First is we are talking about compact design of console. Xbox series s is an small in size and have big black circle on top, many of thought its a speaker but is not, it has a vent for keep console cool while playing games. The design of console is that you can keep the console in both vertical and horizontal positions as you wish. you can keep every where its fit perfectly.

Second is that feature of console, Series S as a two USB A port, a power port, an HDMI output, Ethernet Jack and storage expansion slot and no dics because is a digital variant. I think Microsoft should give USB type C port easy to Storage Expansion for adding more games Because Xbox Series S storage is 364 GB and expansion card is very expensive around Rs 15000 for 1TB. Xbox Series S give one by third performance but its design for run all types of game on best setting.

Third point is User interface, Microsoft has kept the same interface and features also Series S as same Dashboard as a Series X. The Xbox Series S has a new share button, but it still takes far too long for clips and screenshots to be uploaded to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Its a easy to scroll Vertically to access a Window Store, downloaded tab and game pass feels like it performs faster and also add some feature for quick resume or change on dashboard for user is easy to navigate.

Fourth point is Performance, Xbox Series S is absolutely 4k Console. Microsoft as target who as 1080p tv at home. Both are support 4k output signal and also support variable ray tracing and rate shading. Console has powerful hardware to push 1440p is some cases.

Fifth is a final point for Game playing experinace, We are previously talk about Xbox Series S have powerful CPU, GPU and SSD storage. I've play some games on 4K tv like Fifa, Batman arkam knight and Forza, i felt very good experience playing this games on 4k . Series S some little law quality and when you play for a while, it heats up a bit because of that frame rate decrease. The optimize game run on solid gpu and play in 120hz over the HDMI port.

Conclusion, We are already talk about 5 point of Series S on above. I think main problem is that , limited storage of Xbox Series S you can only add 7 to 9 small games only, even if we add AAA game is around 50GB to 100 GB, that’s still only seven or 4 games in total because game like GTA 5, Cod and destiny etc it has 100 GB size.

Second is Should you buy or not ?

In future i 100 percent sure you most the hardcore gamer choose the Series X over the Series S any day because Series x is give full 4k experience, have fast speed, good graphic performance and good frame rate. If you are causal gamer or not hardcore gamer you are perfect for Xbox Series S.

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