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Aliens: Dark Decent Trailer Revealed, Title will be launch on 2023

Screaming took away silents into darkness.

Who love dark, and horrifying this game is for you. Brand new title coming in Alien franchise called Alien Dark Decent by Developer Tindalos Interactive.

The Alien Dark Decent was revealed by trailer which showcase live on Summer Fest game 2022. The trailer first scene started with a sergeant telling a story about an infiltration mission. Once they reached the location, the team found that everyone was dead, the team ended up discovering people, but they were far from human at this point. It looked like those people had some sort of a machine attached to their back and their eyes were going blue in color. Xenomorphs started attacking almost instantly. Eventually, the trailer goes back to the present where the sergeant was reciting the story. But now it showed that he was merely recording it in a tape recorder, as he himself was surrounded by the same Xenomorphs.

Aliens Dark Descent game is scheduled for release on current- and next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC's 2023.

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