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CDPR Investors legal action on "misleading information", Cyberpunk 2077 Save Data Report and Refunds

Its been 10 days form when everyone was waiting for play and three time promised release breaker one and only Cyberpunk 2077 next gen game 'wow', but this 10 days from launching the game and company was facing big problem although this CDPR stock price decline 40% but you know that market is risk . The problem is BUGGGG and crash $ OMG, many gamer are complaint about bug and crashing on next gen console Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. After this cdpr bring fix update for game hopefully this update fix mini few less issue. Company committed to releasing two larger patches to help the game run better in January and February ok lets see next year. CDPR also give full refund of Digital copy and Physical copy at retail store, online store, only who has a proof of buy. Also Microsoft and PlayStation offer refund for digital versions, though the game remains available for digital purchase. Cyberpunk 2077 pull from PlayStation store.

Reddit player raise complaint about their save files have been corrupted after the file size exceed in 8MB. Players who have been collecting and crafting items extensively are at a greater risk of having their save data corrupted. The corrupted data cannot be recovered said by GOG CDPR owner. The save file size might be increased in a future update, but the corrupted data will not be recovered. GOG has also asked players who have used the item duplication glitch to load a save file that isn’t affected by it. I think this issue facing many player in save file.

Now market time, Many investor of CDPR are unhappy because of Cyberpunk 2077 performance. New York-based Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman has also announced it is looking to represent shareholders who've incurred losses "resulting from allegations that CD Projekt may have issued materially misleading information to their shareholders and investing public".

According to New York Times Mikołaj Orzechowski - a Warsaw-based lawyer who has also invested in CD Projekt - announced a potential class-action suit, asking other investors to come forward if they share the belief that they've been unduly affected by the "suspension of the sale of the Cyberpunk 2077 product" and believe the company made a "misrepresentation" to would-be investors "in order to obtain financial benefits".

CDPR boss told on launch day of cyberpunk to staff they will get full bonus. I think Buggy issue and market issue not affected on staff bonus as a promised on launch day by boss.

But this last 10 days from launching was very hectic and bad day for Company. CDPR team are already work on issue and they committed fix update come on next First Two Month of 2021 year. Online Multiplayer version of Cyberpunk may be Release on November.

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