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Cyberpunk 2077, Early Access, Global Release Time and More

Finally Cyberpunk 2077 release on 10 December 2020 after three time delayed and only few days are left for playing cyberpunk 2077 and every gamer are excited. Cyberpunk is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox one, Series X and S, PC Steam or GOG and Google Stadia. This will only on Single player game story not multiplayer, CD project red will share some information in Q1 2021 about multiplayer mode.

Few days back CD Project Red asked player to not stream or post videos of Cyberpunk 2077 before its launch due to retail mistake.

The developers of the game CD Projekt Red in a tweet explains that all users planning to play the title on PC or Google Stadia would have its access at midnight GMT on December 10, for all console players midnight local time.

f you're looking to play Cyberpunk 2077 as soon as it's available, here's a map with global release timings.

If you play on pc you can check out requirement on given link

In india you can play at 12 AM GMT (5:30 AM IST) on December 10 on Steam, GOG and console at a scheduled date.

Some of the xbox user are downloaded the game file but they can,t play before the launch. Some people from the press and gaming content creators have received early copies of cyberpunk 2077, suggests that the game will get a 43.5GB patch after launch. Fabian Mario Döhla responded by saying, “It’s an update but - fun twist - not the update we’ll have for launch".

Cyberpunk 2077 is available to pre-order on PlayStation Store for Rs 3,499 while Xbox users can purchase the game Store for Rs 3,490 on the Microsoft, for PC is available on steam is Rs 2,999 and on Amazon Rs 2,499.

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