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Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay, Map, Machines and Tribes

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is upcoming Action role open world adventure game. It is the squeal part of Horizon zero Down 2017.This game announced after a reveal of PS5 Future of Gaming event on stream.

What is Release Date of Horizon Forbidden West ?

Horizon won't arrive in PlayStation until 2021 conform on new video release by Guerrilla Games. New rumor of Horizon Forbidden west is delayed until 2022 by leaks

Which Platform Horizon Forbidden West Release ?

Horizon Forbidden is set to be release on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role adventure game with a singe player and third player. We play as a Aloy a Machine Hunter . This game is open world and she is moving to Pacific ocean western California to fight with deadly machine. The location of games San Francisco.

This game is focused on detail and texture and more vibrant. In this game Aloy travel through west she discover new place and Stunning valley like Forests, Deserts and Ruined or abounded city with icon landmark.

Map of Horizon Forbidden West

The map of this game is bigger than Zero dawn. In this we explore every part and corner of game there is some hidden and danger place on Forrest lakes and river with stunning surface.

Machines of Horizon Forbidden West

In Forbidden west we can see new variety of large machine and snapmaus that hunt in river or lakes. Sun winges a bird machine and each of these machines has tobe study and scan which help in fight with them. One of bigger machines is Mammoth with large tusk its loaded with arms and Weopen.

Tribes of Horizon Forbidden West

In Games there is home of new tribes some are good and some are bed. This tribes have full knowledge of how to override and use in fight or like weapon. Tribes are use mammoth to fight with other its a more danger.

In this game a danger biosphere which a greater challenge. That a red blight which infect the lands. Its destroy a plant and wildlife and dead with starving and whether of game is out of control and have big storms which generates a massive storm cells. In this games we order to save the world.



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