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How to Get Regional Wealth in Manor Lords

How to Get Regional Wealth in Manor Lords
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Starting a new game in Manor Lords may provide Regional Wealth, but keeping it is important. Learn how to trade effectively, battle bandits, and upgrade Burgage Plots for financial success.

Understanding Regional Wealth in Manor Lords

Regional Wealth reflects collective income. Boost it through trade, Burgage Plot upgrades, or bandit elimination. Combat prowess is crucial; explore combat tips for mastery.

Burgage Plots: Wealth Magnets

Upgrade Burgage Plots to increase wealth. Level 2 generates one wealth each family, whereas Level 3 doubles it, possibly resulting in eight per plot. Explore our Burgage Plots guide for best upgrades and management.

Trade Routes to Riches

Thriving trade is vital:

  • Begin with resource acquisition.

  • Create a vibrant village with vital infrastructure.

  • Set up a trading post and handle exports for profit.

Explore detailed trade mechanics in our Manor Lords trade guide.

Increasing Wealth Strategically

End-product sales produce more than basic materials. As your settlement grows, transition to more profitable goods such as leather and shoes.

Handling the Treasury

Use Treasury cash to cover big costs. Construct a Manor to have access to taxation alternatives, with Regional Wealth transformed into Treasury money on a monthly basis.

Manor Lords grow by clever trade, updated plots, and Treasury management.


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