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IO Interactive upcoming 007 Project Bond game will reflect Modern spy thrills

IO Interactive upcoming 007 Project Bond game will reflect Modern spy thrills
Image via IO Interactive

IO Interactive, the popular studio behind the Hitman series has said that it is planning to immerse gamers in a thrilling James Bond gaming experience with a modern twist. The most recent reports as revealed by Edge magazine and GamesRadar, shed light on the studio's approach to Project 007, their future James Bond project.

The magazine got into the intriguing components of the highly anticipated game in a recent interview with IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abran. While specifics regarding the game are currently being kept under wraps due to its early production stage, Abran did provide some intriguing clues about the game's direction.

Hakan Abran revealed details about their next James Bond project in the latest issue of Edge (Issue 391). While specifics are still limited, a few interesting signs about the game's direction have been given.

Edge's report states: "The few other breadcrumbs we're able to pick up in the office suggest a tone closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore, and perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman's freeform jaunts." This hints that the game will shift away from the campy charm of previous versions and towards the gritty and realistic approach found in modern Bond moves.

According to Abran, the game would be "the ultimate spycraft fantasy," suggesting a concentration on high-tech gadgets and maybe less murder-centric objectives, separating it from IO Interactive's Hitman franchise.

In November 2020, IO's Project 007 was officially launched with a requiring CGI video. The news was quickly followed by a series of job postings on the studio's website, looking for top-tier talent to join their development team, promising a dedicated and talented group of people working on the game.

However, an IO Interactive financial report issued last year hinted to a longer wait for ardent fans. According to the study, the company predicts a decline in revenue for the current and after fiscal years, implying that Project 007 may not be on our screens until after March 2025. This lengthy production period could reflect the studio's dedication to providing a truly great James Bond gaming experience.

Meanwhile, supporters of the renowned spy have had the opportunity to engage in more Bond-related gaming experiences. Two independent Bond games from different publishers have already been released this year. "GoldenEye 007," an N64 classic, made a successful return in January, with a re-release available on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. In September, Apple Arcade added "Cypher 007" to its gaming library as an exclusive, giving supporters another option to immerse themselves in the world of international espionage.

With IO Interactive's Project 007 set to usher in a new era of James Bond gaming, fans of the stylish spy can expect a fresh take on their favourite spy, embracing the modern cinematic Bond experience. As development continues, fans can look forward to the ultimate spycraft fantasy that IO Interactive is planning to provide.



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