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Make Your Own Choices Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Make Your Own Choices Walkthrough in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Image via Insomniac Games

In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the tenth mission is called Make Your Own Choices ,centred on Miles Morales and his interactions with Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. You will face multiple challenges and encounters on this exclusive task. We'll provide you comprehensive step-by-step guideinstructions along with essential advice in this guide to help you finish this task successfully.

Step-by-Step Guide to Complete Make Your Own Choices Walkthrough

Step 1: Tracking Black Cat

Following "Bad Guys On The Block," MJ alerts Miles to a possible place where Felicia could be. Miles goes there and talks to MJ about his new abilities. She thanks Miles for stepping in for Peter and warns him to use caution around Felicia.

1.1. Head to the Objective Marker

Proceed to the selected rooftop balcony.

1.2. Scan for Clues

Analyse your surroundings with L2 and look into the marks on an overturned table.

1.3. Analyze the Sample

Press △ as you approach the table to start the mini-game that destroys atoms.

1.4. Follow the Footprints

Once the scan is finished, proceed to the opposite end of the balcony by following the footprint trail. To rebuild the scene, use L2 to scan the wall's grate and its arrows.

1.5. Witness the Explosion

There's an explosion in the distance, so you jump off the balcony and move in the direction of the target marker.

1.6. Scan and Power the Generator

Examine the big generator box and the metal box/safe on the next rooftop. As you get closer to the generator, Venom Punch it with L1 + ◻  and connect the power nodes.

1.7. Discover Clues

With △, open the safe to find a mysterious book about the Wand of Watoomb, an old magical artefact that may open portals, along with a postcard from Paris.

Step 2: The Sanctum Sanctorum Ransacked

As you enter the magical Sanctum Sanctorum, Black Cat is surrounded by hunters. Stealth is the greatest place to start.

2.1. Deal with Snipers

Take out the attackers on the roof and place more snipers strategically across the street.

2.2. Stealth Approach

To stay in stealth mode and take out any lingering attackers, use camouflage.

2.3. Summon of the Wand of Watoomb

A gateway opens up as the opponents are defeated and Black Cat comes out carrying the Wand of Watoomb.

2.4. Chase Felicia

Follow Black Cat via a sequence of openings. To Web Tunnel through the portals, use L2 + R2.

2.5. Navigate Portals

Be alert for larger portals that may appear in your route, and use Web Tunnels as soon as possible to teleport.

2.6. City Chase

There will be gateways all around you as you follow Felicia. To keep up with her, keep using the Web Tunnel feature.

Step 3: Confrontation and Revelations

3.1. The Gunship and Crash

Black Cat clarifies that Kraven has no bearing on her escape. A gunship collides close to the zoo.

3.2. Felicia's Motive

Black Cat discloses that her girlfriend is in Paris and that her activities have put her in danger.

3.3. Hunters Ambush

Felicia will help you overcome the hunters that ambush you.

3.4. Web Up APCs

Web up the turrets of approaching armoured APCs and destroy them. Take care of the remaining dangers.

3.5. Final Battle

Face off against a variety of adversaries, such as gunships and crossbow users. Make effective use of your electrical skills to deal with Hunter Drones.

Step 4: Farewell and a Note

4.1. Wield the Wand

Both Felicia and Miles are Wand users, and Felicia asks Miles to visualise the "Eiffel Tower."

4.2. The Portal to Paris

Felicia leaps through a doorway that looks to lead to the Eiffel Tower.

4.3. The Wand's Disappearance

Miles uses the Wand to try to find Martin Li, but it vanishes and leaves behind a note from Wong.

You will receive 2000 XP after finishing the Make Your Own Choices Walkthrough. Miles is informed by MJ that Felicia is safe, and Ganke recommends going to Coney Island in hopes of seeing Mysterio and possibly developing a love relationship with Hailey.

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