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Take-Two CEO Confident in GTA 6 Fall 2025 Release

Take-Two CEO Confident in GTA 6 Fall 2025 Release
Image via Rockstar Games

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, stated his confidence that the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) will be released in the fall of 2025, as previously planned. This statement follows the company's most recent financial guidance update, which provided more specific information about the game's release date.

In an interview with CNBC, Zelnick explained the complex process of setting release dates for popular titles. He highlighted the importance of finding a balance between quantifiable variables like bug counts and the more subjective goal of creating a memorable gaming experience.

Zelnick explained

“There are elements that you can actually measure, for example, the number of bugs in a title, and every one of us will make sure we have as few bugs as possible before we launch, However, in the case of an extraordinary title, for which there are extraordinary expectations, it’s not really about bugs, it’s about creating an experience that no one’s seen before. Rockstar Games seeks perfection in what they do. And perfection is indeed hard to measure, it really is more subjective than objective.”

Rockstar Games, the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto series, is known for its strict dedication to detail and high standards, which sometimes results in delayed release dates. Recognizing this history, Zelnick was questioned about his chances of meeting GTA 6 fall 2025 deadline.

"Well, there is slippage in the industry and we're not immune from that," said Zelnick. "However, we narrowed the timing because we are highly confident in that timing."

This short release schedule has sparked huge discussion and interest in the gaming world. As the release date approaches, both Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games will likely be focused on reaching the huge expectations created for one of the most anticipated games in the recent past.



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