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The Next Mass Effect 5 Isn't Expected Until 2029

The Next Mass Effect 5 Isn't Expected Until 2029
Image via BioWare

Fans of the Mass Effect series were treated to a teasing teaser for the next installment in the famous game on this year's N7 Day by BioWare. However, recent claims from industry insiders imply that the highly anticipated Mass Effect 5 may be released later than predicted, possibly as late as 2029.

Grubb, known for his inside sources, commented, "You want some original reporting? This game is just nowhere near coming out. I was told that when they revealed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2018, this is similar in terms of timeline. That was announced in 2018, and we're not getting that game until maybe next year. So now do the math for that, and we're talking 2029 for Mass Effect 5."

Hussain added, "I've heard some things as well, and this game is so far away. It is so far in another galaxy right now."

Grubb went on to say that the N7 Day teaser had been created mostly to reassure fans that a new Mass Effect game was in the works, rather than indicate an upcoming release. "When I asked, it was just like, 'hey, is this just because they have to do something for N7 Day?' Yes. For this thing, that's all this is."

The present focus of BioWare is still Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which has yet been given a solid release date. Grubb revealed in August that the release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf had been repeatedly delayed internally, as he discussed behind-the-scenes developments at BioWare with unknown insiders in the aftermath of the company's layoffs.

Gary McKay, BioWare's general manager, announced the loss of about 50 staff earlier in August as part of the studio's drive towards being a more nimble and focused business.

While some facts of Mass Effect 5 have been disclosed since its announcement in 2020, it looks that fans will have to wait, as the release date is still unknown. According to Grubb's sources, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was originally scheduled for a September 2023 release but has since been delayed. The game's release date was afterwards pushed out to March 2024, although the current goal is for a summer launch "at the earliest." Nonetheless, Grubb believes that additional delays are possible, potentially pushing the release date to late 2025.



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