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Dirt 5 Xbox Series X Preview, What Will Next Gen Add?

Only one month is left for play Next Gen racing game Dirt 5 on Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation, this game launch on November 10 on Xbox Series X/S and November 12 on PlayStation 5 and other November 6 on PC, PS4 And Xbox one.

Lets talk about Next Gen, i watch some gamelplay video of Dirt 5 on YouTube i think the game is not amazing. Dirt 5 is the first gaming to offer 120z mode for monitor or tv and also for Series X. Game also give option for set the revolution and image quality or frame rate of game. Dirt 5 need Framerate is a bit smootherand image quality is good any one want play in high revolution it can be change to 60fps, but if you target frame rate.

Gameplay of Dirt 5 within the game include rallycross, ice racing, Stadium Super Trucks and off-road buggies. Players can compete in events in a wide range of locations including Arizona, Brazil, Morocco, China, Italy, New York City and Norway. A four-player can split screen system is also in the game.

Dirt 5 also features a narrative-focused career mode that pits the player character against a rival driver called Bruno Durand voiced by Nolan North in a series of championships. The player also has a mentor called Alex “AJ” Janiček voiced by Troy Baker who provides them with advice throughout their career.

In my opinion Dirt 5 120hz Mode is not quite the dropping upgrade also i was hoping for even if there not as much of a next-gen seen on this game But Dirt 5 is look nice, I see that Xbox series x is target the 4k Revolution and also Dirt 5 is focus on quality as per Next Gen.

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