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Steam Upcoming Private Game Feature, Keeping Secrets from Friends

Steam Upcoming Private Game Feature, Keeping Secrets from Friends
Image via Steam

According to recent reports, Steam will be launching a new feature that would allow users to mark certain games in their library as 'private.' The creator of SteamDB, Pavel Djundik  offered an early preview of this new feature on X (previously Twitter), indicating that it is currently in the works.

Currently, if a player wants to keep a specific game in their library private, they can hide it. This, however, just prevents other people from seeing it in their list of games. Once a player begins playing the game, their achievements and playtime are visible to other players.

To fix this, the new functionality will allow users to choose a game and select the "Mark as Private" option from the drop-down menu. This keeps the game visible in the player's library and list of played games when they're signed in, but it hides it from the public-facing version of these lists, preventing others from knowing the game is in the player's library.

The majority of the responses to Djundik's tweet have been on the anticipated use cases for this capability. Many people instantly speculated about its possibilities for concealing games containing possibly shaming or controversial content.

"It's pretty obvious this will be used to hide their hentai games," user @CedrinMedia joked, while @Clbull118 added, "Porn games sales [are] about to go through the roof." On a happier note, @Bearspacegoat expressed his relief, writing, "Finally, I can play Hello Kitty Online Island Adventures without shame."

This new feature is designed to provide Steam users more control over their gaming privacy while appealing to a wide range of preferences and preferences.



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